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You appear in the Interim with nothing but the clothes on your back.

And the money in your pocket, and the things in your backpack, the bed you were sleeping in, the book you were reading, the cereal you were get the idea. Anything you were touching - anything inanimate and not nailed down - has come with you. Handy. Except you’ll only be able to bring what you can carry, and strangely, nothing electronic seems to be working. Not your digital watch, not your cell phones (there’s no signal anyway), and not even your magic space car.

You’re obviously not the first person this has happened to; there are the remnants of others’ abandoned belongings all around. A desk half-buried in sand, a more recent pile of heavy winter clothes, evidence of people who have passed through and left behind what they didn't need or want. The Interim is big, but will be easy to encounter others like yourself who are still here.

There’s endless desert as far as you can see; blistering orange on a backdrop of a purple sky, punctuated by lightning that tells you a storm will be here soon. The static filled air is almost artificially dry, with no smell, no taste...something only noticeable in its absence. No matter where you've appeared in the Interim, you can see a building. A lone building, with no obvious origin or cultural markers, decidedly alien but the only thing that signifies life. There’s nothing forcing you to go there, but where else will you go? And with the lightening storms pressing in on the horizon, staying out in the open doesn't seem like the best idea.

Grab what you can carry (or don’t), and start walking.


Let’s assume you've made it to the building.

No matter what side of the building you approach you'll come to an automated door that will open on the featureless façade, sliding upwards. The same door will close (but not lock) behind you once you enter. Just in time too, because once the storm arrives, the lightning and the suspiciously uniform golf ball sized hail will make being outdoors hazardous. So step inside.

Take a breath; the air feels heavier, ionized, thick with the smells and and tastes that were curiously absent in the air outside. Metallic, wet, a faint smell of rust, a faint hint of something organic, something chemical. It’s like real air, even if it is strange. Now that you’re inside, it’s dark. This building has no windows, but in the pitch you’ll see coloured emergency strips leading your way; a trail of red dots guiding you who-knows-where. All the entrances to the building, all the red lights will take you to the center; the industrial labyrinth walls will all fall away to a cavernous room, revealing a massive machine. Or at least your assume it's a machine. It's purpose is not obvious; it could be a water purifier, a nuclear reactor, or make license plates or anything else really. There's a cavernous part in the center that is clearly meant to be be passage, although it doesn't appear to go anywhere. A dead end.

You’ll notice a large console, complex with buttons, dials and displays that will be foreign to you, no matter what world you come from. The technologically proficient might be able to make some educated guesses, but even the least tech-savvy amongst you will recognise the simplest of instructions; a large lever, prominently placed, with a yellow sticky note reading in hastily scribbled English:


Nothing happens when you press it.


By now it’s probably become apparent that your electronics are working again; within the confines of the building anyway. Most things will be working normally, although cell phones, radios and anything designed to pick up a signal will be going haywire, picking up errant singles in the form of video, audio or both, all of them scrambled, none of them discernible. You may catch snatches of recognizable imagery, or sound, but nothing concrete and there won’t seem to be any commonality. Most will be unsettling alien.

[Mod note: should anyone fiddle with the signals picked up, or attempt to glean anything useful from them for long enough, the most recurring tidbit will be ‘POWER’]

There’s writing on the wall; you might not have looked around much before, you might not be very observant, or maybe you did look and would swear on your mother’s grave it hadn't been there before. Whatever the case, it’s there now; crudely written English, written on the wall in black. An arrow points to something next to it that resembles a circuit breaker...or at least something analogous to one. Flip the master switch and the rumble of power behind the walls will suddenly bring light to the room….dim light.


Stemming from the massive as-still-unknown machine, there are many conduits and wires leading out from the room. Time to split up, team up and follow them. The building is big, it’s dark, and there are no maps. Follow the wires and flip those breakers.*


Going down, things will seem to get even darker, even damper. The rumbling in the walls will grow louder as you go further down, and the air will seem to have a stronger ozone scent. Most of the wires and pipes and walls, will have traces of rust, but dust will be a scarcity.

Watch your step, and keep your eyes peeled there’s a strange skittering in the dark...


Things will get quieter as you go up, dryer too. It will still be dark, but as you ascend levels, you’ll notice an unusual lightness. The air seems a bit thinner, and your steps a bit lighter. It might be too much to say gravity feels weaker, but it wouldn't be wrong. Every level you go up the effect will be exaggerated and it may become difficult for oxygen requiring individuals to breath. Electronics will be behaving even worse on the higher levels, picking up errant signals and mishmashing them together. Nothing clear will come through, but it will be obvious that nothing you’re picking up is from back home.

*There is no set number of breakers to be flipped in the Test Drive, the task will simply be considered done at the end, whether four or forty have been flipped….there can be as many as you would like to seek out!


After partial power has been restored, you'll find that electronics are suddenly able to pick up a transmission....


Characters will be brought into the Interim in much the same way as the game, and the same basic rules apply - see the FAQ for specifics about inventory, the types of characters, or powers etc! If you have a TEST DRIVE specific question, please ask it below! Any other questions can be asked here!
  • Characters played in the TDM will not have the benefit of having any damages or conditions to their body repaired just yet...
  • Characters will not be power-nerfed for the purpose of the TDM; police yourself and don't make things unfun for others! (ie/ your infinitely powerful super villain destroying the building isn't fun for anyone else)
  • Characters will not be beholden to the inventory they have here should they choose to app
  • For convenience's sake, spoken language barrier is being hand-waved for the TDM (unless you feel like playing out the communication problems, in which case go for it!)
  • If a character IS or has life-essential equipment that is electronic, they will be transported directly into the building. Should they step outside the building however....the same rules apply.
  • Please put your character's name and canon in the subject line so everyone knows who they are!
The TDM will be considered soft canon...that is, it will be considered canon, but is not at all necessary. You can choose to have it be canon or non canon for your character. Since this test drive is also functioning as a game beta, changes may also be made before the game opens. Please note this is an excellent time to ask questions or provide feedback! We’re looking to hear from you!

Reserves open 12.11.15
Applications will open

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Sakata Gintoki | Gintama

[personal profile] pachintoki 2015-12-24 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I - If there's sand, there should be girls in swimsuits

He really needed this today. A sit-down, a nice long pour of creamy strawberry milk into a tall glass, some relaxation. There had been not just one, but a few really annoying jobs today, and once Kagura and Shinpachi had wheedled the money out of him for those unnecessary things like rent, sukonbu, and laundry detergent, this was all he had left. Even the milk was practically gone. Just enough for a glass.

But then everything goes dark. For a moment, he wonders if maybe he'd fallen alseep, but before he could react to anything he's opening his eyes - he didn't even remember closing them. He was still sitting down on the sofa, he still had the carton of strawberry milk in his hand.

Strawberry milk that was now being poured into nothing. He'll stare dumbly at the last few drops falling tragically to the yellow sand. The table that had been in front of him was gone -- and so was the tall glass of milk. With a panicky shriek, he'll stand up and try to get the last few drops of milk out of the empty carton, finally throwing it to the ground with some real anger.

And then he'll blink, taking in his surroundings more fully.

"S-seriously. . . hello? Heeeey? HEY!" He'll pause, listening to the empty quality the sound of his voice takes on in the surroundings . . . but then-- "I WANT MY MILK BACK!"

II - sounds in the dark are always your imagination, even if they aren't

Maybe you're walking alone, or thought you were. Maybe you just turned on a breaker, or were looking for one. Either way, there's someone suddenly grabbing onto you. Was that person there earlier? Maybe. Maybe not. But they'll speak to you in a panicked whisper.

"Oi! Oiiiiii! I know I heard something just then! I wasn't imagining it, there's something out there!"

But then he'll seem to get a grip, letting go of you and brushing some imaginary dust off his clothes, and then patting at his hair. He'll look over at you again, then give a forced-sounding chuckle.

". . . what's wrong with you. You look really scared, like, like you'd jump at anything right now. Hah. . ."

III - time machines solve 100% of problems

There was no way to know if that was real or not, but he definitely wasn't going to stick around to find out if that thing with all those pointy teeth was his imagination or not. Gintoki is tearing through one of the hallways, and if he happens to pass anybody all they will hear is an incomprehensible mixture of shouting and speaking. Maybe it sounded like a vague warning, but chances are, he was just too scared to speak properly. Maybe he could use someone to calm him down. Or maybe you should be running too. He was actually pretty brave, right? He was just alerting everybody else to the danger!
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